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2020-21 kits now added!


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"I have loved kits ever since I realised football was in colour. Shirts are the heraldry of the game, telling us of the tradition, the history and the ambition of clubs for over 150 years.

If you love football shirts as much as I do then you need Classic Kits, which is the most fun you can have on the web without locking your door. It's a history of the kit of every single British football league club, from some of the really snazzy Victorian ones (chocolate and salmon pink anyone?) through the silky rayon of the 50's to the space age technology of today. It also gets there quickest with the brand new kits as well. It's a fascinating site for fans of football and social history.

One word of warning: don't go there if you are busy, you will be browsing for ages. And check out the Palace away kit of 1935-36. I want one!

There are other kit websites and very good they are too but this one fills just about every gap and gives you away kits, thirds and one-offs"

Kevin Day (that bloke from Match of the Day 2 and comedy and stuff) May 2011 

Kevin is also Vice-Chairman of the Trustees for the Crystal Palace FC Study Centre. More information about this can be found here:

“Football kits are an emotional business. I still remember the unbridled joy of unwrapping the string-tied, brown paper parcel which contained the first football club shirt I ever ordered through the mail (Crystal Palace 1968-69 home). And, unfortunately, I will never forget the intense wave of nausea of first seeing someone wearing the Arsenal away shirt of 1991-1992, which looked like either the designer or the wearer (possibly both) had thrown up all over it. 

But whatever your reaction to a particular kit, it’s almost impossible not feel something (except perhaps for the entire history of Bury FC kits, which are mind-numbingly boring). Why else do fans all over the world wait with baited breath for the announcement of their club’s new designs for the following season? In fact, it probably causes more of a response, both positive and negative, than the team’s latest transfer signing or last Saturday’s result. We football fans love and/or hate our team’s and other team’s kits, and the Classic Kits website is the perfect place to wallow in all of that stuff.

From the simplicity of the earliest kits of the late 19th/early 20th Century to the slick, sponsor laden, brand name kits of today, each club’s page on this website gives you an instant visceral history of your team. And if you let your imagination run, you can probably conjure up how the players looked in each one… hair oil and waxed moustaches, short back and sides, long hair and sideburns, mullets and mohawks, dye jobs and dreadlocks.

Classic Kits is the ultimate reference website for football kits. So dive in and enjoy all the colour, tradition, and history of the glorious game. I guarantee you it will be emotional.”

Jim Piddock (Actor/writer/producer) July 2015


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